Teaching the Value of Listening

Educators have used StoryCorps stories and interview methods in their classrooms since we started in 2003. StoryCorps is powerful for schools–our stories teach history, and our interviewing methods teach the value of listening.


StoryCorpsU has developed a dynamic College Readiness Curriculum as well as resources to help educators use StoryCorps content and interviewing techniques in their classrooms. Read more.


StoryCorps’ National Teachers Initiative will collect, preserve, and share stories that celebrate the profound impact of great educators on all of our lives. Read more.

Introduction to StoryCorps: A Lesson Plan

The “Introduction to StoryCorps Lesson Plan” is a customizable lesson plan for students in grades 8-12 that is designed to teach students interviewing and storytelling skills using StoryCorps content. In the 2 activities, students are asked to participate effectively in a variety of interactions (one-on-one and in groups), exchanging information to advance a discussion and to build on the input of others. This lesson plan also includes a list of recommended recordings, organized by themes of relevance and interest to young people.

Download the lesson plan here.

Unheard Voices: Curriculum Created in Partnership with ADL and GLSEN

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Network (GLSEN), and StoryCorps have collaborated to create Unheard Voices, an oral history and curriculum project that will help educators integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history and issues into their instructional programs. Find the Unheard Voices curriculum here.

Take the StoryCorps Listening Challenge. Join the Listening Movement Today.

Each week, the StoryCorps podcast shares these unscripted conversations, revealing the wisdom, courage, and poetry in the words of people you might not notice walking down the street.